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When Life Hands You Lemons… You Make A Hell Of A Lemon Cream Sauce And Move On!

We are a Boutique Commercial Kitchen, preparing home cooked meals to make your life easier! It all started when Courtney’s former partner in life and father of her three children served her with divorce papers for their 25th wedding anniversary!
Courtney came home to Kennesaw and immediately started to pursue her lifelong dream of owning her own commercial kitchen. While she was in New York she had auditioned for Master Chef and she was determined to one day have her own space.
Her sister jokes that she could make shoe leather into an amazing sauce and we tend to agree! Her food is fresh, fantastic and straight from her heart!
Courtney opened the doors to her dream kitchen right here in downtown Kennesaw with a hope to be a light for other women who may be in a place that feels hopeless. The bonus is she gets to do her favorite thing in the whole world… share her passion with others.
You never know where the path will lead, but when you stay true to your passion, the way will always be revealed!

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Weekly Delivery

If you live in Legacy Park or English Oaks then you are eligible for free delivery right to your doorstep with a minimum $60 order.
(under $60 it is just a $10 delivery fee)
Delivery is between 2-4pm on Saturdays (if you won’t be home, just leave a cooler outside and we will leave the food in there)

Weekly Pickup

Pickup is available from Eatin Fresh, located in Downtown Kennesaw, on Saturdays from 2pm to 4pm or the Eatin Fresh Grab and Go Cooler on Monday

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